Setup AI Translations

Helm empowers you to leverage the power of AI, making tasks like translating and writing release notes and promotional text a breeze. This not only saves you time but also ensures accuracy and consistency in your content.

Get Started

To do this, we use the ChatGPT API by OpenAI, and this page will guide you on how to get set up.

#1 Setup Payment Method

First, set up a payment method at the billing page of your OpenAI account . This will not only allow you to create API keys but also give you access to an even better model, GPT-4 after you’ve made your first payment of $5 or more.

#2 Create API Key

Next, create and copy a new API key at OpenAI.

Remember not to share your API key with anyone!

#3 Add API Key to Helm

Copy the API key and open the Translation Settings in Helm. Paste the key in the Key textfield and press Save.

#4 Let's Translate!

You're now ready to start using auto-translations. Press the Auto-Translate button in the fields you want to translate.

We hope this clears things up for you. Let us know if you have any questions or if there's anything else we can help you with! Contact Us


How can I access GPT-4?

Once you’ve successfully made a payment of $5 or more, you’ll gain access to the powerful GPT-4 via the OpenAI API. This opens up a whole new level of capabilities for your translations and content creation. Note: Being subscribed to ChatGPT Plus does NOT give you access to GPT-4 via the API.

Can I share my API key with my teammate/coworker?

To ensure the utmost security of your account, we strongly advise against sharing your API Key. Instead, you can invite your teammates to join your organisation account through the Members page of OpenAI. This way, each member will have their own API Key, enhancing the security of your account.

What happens with my API key?

Your API key is safely stored inside your keychain and won't be accessible for anyone!