What's New in Helm

Stay up-to-date with the latest bigger changes & new functionality.

Update indicator

Jul 11, 2024 · Version 1.1.5

Helm will now show you a little blue update button in the welcome screen when there's an update available

Review Improvements

Jul 10, 2024 · Version 1.1.4

We now display the total number of reviews and present a badge when there are new reviews for you to discover. We have also simplified the process of copying or downloading the review shareable image.

Translation improvements

Jul 05, 2024 · Version 1.1.3

It's now possible to always overrid translations (right click on translate button)

Customer Reviews

Jul 02, 2024 · Version 1.1

Effortlessly read and reply to customer reviews with the help of AI for translation and response writing. Utilize templates for swift and consistent responses, filter crucial reviews, view pros and cons for clear insights on areas for improvement, and easily share reviews with engaging images.

Translation Improvements

Jun 17, 2024 · Version 1.0.4

You can now always replace existing translations when you press the translation button and it's now easier to get an overview of all translations and change them.

Link to Request Expedited Review

Jun 16, 2024 · Version 1.0.3

We've added a link to request and expedited review. This link can be found at App → Request Expedited Review and will only show up if your App's state is “Waiting for Review”.

New Alternative App Icon

Jun 12, 2024 · Version 1.0.2

You can now set a white app icon, because some of us have too many blue ones already.