Some guidance for frequently asked questions

Does Helm store any sensitive data?

No data is sent to our servers except basic usage analytics that are anonymized. Your data is stored securely in your keychain. For more information, please read our privacy policy.

How do I setup Helm?

The onboarding process will guide you through each step. Need more help? Or want to make sure you’ve done all the correct steps? You can always view our guide.

I Can't find the API keys

Unfortunately, only the account holder has the authority to generate API keys. If you are not the account holder, you may request them to set up Helm and export a .helm setup file. This way, you can still use Helm without the need for any keys.

Why does Helm need API keys with Admin access?

To ensure that Helm can use the App Store Connect API to its fullest potential, you will need to have a key with Admin access. We want you to know that your keys are stored securely in your keychain and are never accessible to us or any third-party library.

If you need to set up a colleague, we suggest using the .helm setup files, which you can export from the Connect tab in Helm's settings (after setup). This approach will enable you to restrict app access, and we will not permit user management or provisioning profile management.

What version of macOS do I need?

Helm runs on macOS Sonoma (14.0+)

How can I export a .helm file?

After you have finished the onboarding you can go to: Settings → Connect → Export Here you can decide the permissions and export the .helm file to be used by your team members.

What can I do with a .helm file?

Exporting a .helm file will allow your team members to setup Helm without the need of any API keys. These files are encrypted and Helm can use them to connect to App Store Connect and determine which apps are allowed access to.